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Motorcycle accidents can have a devastating and life-changing impact on all who are involved, including their families. I, Gerald Schwab, Jr., understand the hardships you may be facing if another's negligence harmed you or your loved one.

I have the experience and the skill necessary and have been helping victims for over 11 years as a trial lawyer. I handle all of my cases and provide one-on-one, attentive counsel. When it comes time to argue for your case, I fight with hard-nosed advocacy, which has helped me gain numerous positive outcomes. You can feel confident knowing your case is in good hands.

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Why You Should Hire an Attorney

For most motorcycle accidents, more than likely, you will have to deal with other party’s insurance company. Most insurers are known for their aggressive defense teams, who use a variety of tactics to protect their insured—as well as their own interests. Claimants may run into some difficulty trying to argue and take on these big companies.

Because motorcycle can cause some severe, catastrophic injuries, and some even can be deadly, I understand how overwhelming it can be to go back and forth with insurance companies. That is when I step in and take care of that for you.

I can work vigorously to obtain compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical treatment and bills
  • The costs of transportation to and from treatment
  • Repair bills for your motorcycle
  • Rehabilitation or counseling
  • Pain and suffering

These accidents occur so often because other vehicles are unsure how to drive when motorcycles are around. Unfortunately, this is why so many people think motorcycle riding is so dangerous. Unfortunately, accidents often lie well beyond our control. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of looking after your safety and well-being,

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No matter what circumstances led to your motorcycle, you should know that you have many options that can help you heal and move forward. Let me help you get there. I am an experienced attorney with trial experience—I am prepared to take action on your behalf!

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