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Fresno Bee:

"Two Fresno residents were convicted Thursday in a bizarre murder-torture case.

Margaret Alaniz, 25, wiped tears from her eyes after a Fresno County Superior Court jury found her guilty of second-degree murder in the August 2013 stabbing death of 27-year-old Oscar Seja. The jury also found her guilty of torturing a woman identified in court only as Jane Doe.

Anthony Gilbert Nunez, 44, stood silently when the same verdict was announced for him."

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abc 30:

Justice is near in the case of a deadly attack in a Fresno house wallpapered with drugs and violent crime.

"22 times," prosecutor Gabriel Brickey told the jury hearing evidence in the death of Oscar Seja. "22 separate times he was stabbed." That jury is now deciding whether the people accused of ruling the house are guilty of murder and torture.

Survival came at the cost of the burns she covered in bandages when she talked to Action News. It cost her sense of taste, and permanent hearing loss. But the woman who says Margaret Alaniz tortured her by pouring something like acid on her did survive. Oscar Seja did not."

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Fresno Bee:

"A mentally ill man who vandalized the Islamic Cultural Center and a nearby northeast Fresno business on Christmas Day was sentenced Friday to probation and a program that will ensure he gets the proper medical treatment, his lawyer said.

Asif Mohammad Khan, who sat in Fresno County Superior Court with his parents, was accepted in Behavior Health Court, a post-conviction program for the mentally ill.

In the program, Khan, 29, will meet regularly with a probation officer and a therapist to ensure he takes his medication, attends doctor appointments and self-help meetings, and stays out of trouble, said Fresno defense lawyer Gerald Schwab Jr., who represents Khan."

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"FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --

A former Fresno County court clerk and 5 other people in a witness intimidation case have accepted a plea deal.

After 18 months, 6 people accused of intimidating a witness have decided to take a plea deal but one of them, a man named Ricky Modesto, hesitated at first, "it doesn't surprise me, his behavior and what he's done to all these people in this case, the lives he's ruined in this case," Defense Attorney, Gerald Schwab said.

Schwab is one of the attorney's involved with the case. In 2013, Modesto was in jail, accused of brutally beating a man and breaking his jaw. While behind bars, Schwab says Modesto wanted to keep witnesses from talking so he called his client and 4 other people, "he victimized them, called them, got them involved, called them relentlessly until they got themselves involved," Schwab added."

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