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Under California burglary law, Penal Code 459 PC, it is considered a burglary to enter any structure--including a store--with the intent to commit either a California felony or a California grand theft or petty theft.

Racial profiling by police officers is against the law in Henderson, Nevada. No one in the city or elsewhere in the state should be pulled over or questioned by police on the basis of their race or ethnicity.

“Racial profiling” in Henderson occurs when a police officer stops, questions, detains, searches, or arrests someone solely on the basis of their race or ethnicity. The practice has raised concerns among civil rights advocates and others for some time.

You've entered into a plea bargain with prosecutors and pled guilty to a felony in Orange County, California. On second thought, however, you think you've made the wrong decision. You may be able to take your guilty plea back, but only under certain circumstances and only if you do it in time.

When Super Bowl 50 was played in Santa Clara, California in January 2015, it wasn't the only game in town. Federal agents were busy as well, arresting multiple individuals accused of selling over a half-million dollars in counterfeit NFL merchandise.

You don't need to actually tag a building to be charged with a graffiti-related crime in Los Angeles. If you just intend to commit an act of vandalism, mere possession of tools or other items that you were going to use in the act is enough to get you charged with a crime.

As “sexting” between teenagers has become a common activity, Nevada is one of many states that have passed laws specifically addressing the issue, making teenage sexting in Las Vegas and throughout the state a crime.

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