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The answer is yes--but with important qualifications.

If you rob a liquor store, clothing boutique, or most other businesses you will face charges and possible conviction under robbery statute. Robbery, like most crimes is usually governed by state criminal law. However, if you rob certain places or individuals, you could actually face federal criminal charges. If convicted of federal robbery charges, you could be sentenced to federal prison.

When prosecutors deprive defendants of their constitutional rights or otherwise act improperly during a criminal trial, it shakes the foundations of our criminal justice system and can result in grave injustice. Prosecutorial misconduct is a huge problem, as the recent scandal involving the Orange County District Attorney's Office has shown.

In April 2016, a former administrator at Palmdale School District and her live-in boyfriend pleaded no contest to two felony counts of animal abuse. The administrator faces 270 days in jail and the boyfriend faces a year in jail. If you're charged with the abuse or neglect an animal you too could be facing the possibility of serving time behind bars.

There are a number of serious consequences that come with a first-timeDUI conviction. The possibility of spending time in jail is one of them.

One of the many effects of the Great Recession and the collapse of the housing market in Las Vegas and across the country was a flood of foreclosed homes abandoned by the families that lived there. This in turn led to a rise in people “squatting” or staying in homes they didn't own or have any permission to be in. But squatting in Las Vegas is a criminal offense.

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