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Unfortunately the answer is yes. Battery on a peace officer under California law, Penal Code 243(b) or 243(c) PC, is a crime even if the officer isn't injured.

If your passions get the best of you and an intimate partner while out and about and you have sex in public, you could be charged and convicted for violations of California law.

If you've been convicted of multiple criminal offenses, you could be labeled a “habitual criminal”. That dubious designation can result in more severe punishment if and when you are sentenced for another crime.

If you are convicted of aiding and abetting a crime under Penal Code 31 PC, you will receive the same punishment as someone who actually committed that crime.

The answer is yes. Under California Penal Code 245(a)(1) PC, assault with a deadly weapon does not have to involve a firearm.

These three terms can become confusing if you are otherwise untrained in criminal law. In what follows, our Fresno criminal defense attorney explains the difference between these terms so you can be informed in the unfortunate event you are arrested for a crime.

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