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If you or someone you know is a “hoarder,” criminal charges can be added to the pile of problems created by this challenging mental illness.

If the owner or an employee of a bar or restaurant asks you to leave the premises because of your conduct and you refuse to leave, you could be charged with criminal trespass.

In November 2016, Nevada voters can make the state the fifth state in the nation (plus D.C.) to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Experts predict a very close vote.

The answer is yes. Anyone convicted of violating any of California's child pornography laws is required to register under California's sex offender registration law.

The answer is yes--but with important qualifications.

If you rob a liquor store, clothing boutique, or most other businesses you will face charges and possible conviction under robbery statute. Robbery, like most crimes is usually governed by state criminal law. However, if you rob certain places or individuals, you could actually face federal criminal charges. If convicted of federal robbery charges, you could be sentenced to federal prison.

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