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I have known Gerald Schwab for nearly eight years and have consulted with him on several matters. He knows what he is doing about the law, tactical issues and practical strategies for getting problems solved. Most importantly for me, he is direct, candid and has integrity I really respect.

~ Gerald Schwab

Great Lawyer

I highly recommend Mr.Schwab as an attorney. The Friday after Thanksgiving I received mail that I was in some potentially serious trouble. I had called several attorneys to try and get some help. Mr. Schwab was the only attorney that returned my call. He met with me the very next day(Saturday).He was very professional yet friendly and personable. He assured me that he would be there for me and that I would be okay. He always returned my phone calls when ever i had a question or concern. My court case turned out okay just as he told me it would. I alway's felt like i was in good hands with Mr.Schwab.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Best Criminal Attorney

Gerald is one of the best criminal defense attorney's in Fresno. I have had several attorney's, but he was honestly the best I have ever had. I had some troubles criminally and didn't think he would be able to expunge my record, but he turned my life upside down and got all my record expunge. It was such a good feeling and would recommend Gerald to anyone. He also was very positive and uplifting.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

I Thank God for Gerald Schwab

I have always been apprehensive about utilizing the services of a lawyer; however, circumstances didn't give me a choice. My lawyer experience was honestly a little nerve racking, because i wanted an answer, and didn't get one, Gerald Schwab is just good, what can Isay? He doesn't get caught up in the details only facts getting the job done. Sometimes no news as I have learned, may just be good news. If this turns out to not be the case, I am confident that i am in good hands if there are any surprises down he line, I have been able to actually relax not knowing the outcome. Gerald only charges for the time spent on your case, If your straight forward about finances, he will work with you, he is good at what he does, and is worth every last penny. . I am very pleased, especially with how he is able to not react or absorb the emotions of anger and betrayal, from his clients; he's all about the facts. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and talented lawyer.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Awsome Lawyer!

Well what can i say about Gerald other than he is a excellent lawyer and turned out to be a good friend . When i got into trouble and landed in jail it felt like the world ended to me. But as soon as a contacted his office he was the first to visit me befor i was even booked . If anyone reading this has been through this situation you could imagine how good it calmed my nerves! I will recomend Gerald to any one in need of help.My case went very well and god forbid i get into trouble again i wouldnt trust any one else with my life.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Article: "Los Angles Times" about Brittany Norris

Los Angles Times:

"LEMOORE, Calif. — A 14-year-old girl is the only suspect so far in the murder of her mother and the mother's live-in boyfriend, authorities said.

Regina Norris and her boyfriend, Lawrence Norris, each died Monday from a single gunshot to the head, Kings County Sheriff Allan McClain said late Thursday."

Read the full article at Los Angles Times:

Gerald Schwab, Jr.


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