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After an arrest for DUI you will be given a temporary license.  That license is good for a 30 days period.  Now you must within 10 days of your arrest schedule a DMV hearing.  If you hire our office I will schedule and conduct the DMV hearing.  And what happens at that hearing greatly affects your license.  If you lose the hearing you will get a notice of revocation of you license and they will give you the date that revocoation occurs.  Please note this is seperate and apart from your criminal court case,  I will discuss that below. 

You will have what is sometimes referred to as a hard 30 day revocation of  your license.  There are virtually no exceptions to this rule.  In fact you must do certain things to get  your license back on a restricted basis by the DMV.

First you must sign up for a first offender DUI class.  You can go to the DMV to get a referral for this.  

Second you must pay a fee to the DMV

and you must prove that you have obtained a SR 22, which can be taken care of by your insurance salesman there are also companies that sell SR 22 policies. 


Now this is seperate and apart from the Criminal Court case.  And it should be noted that if you win at the DMV hearin then any action against  your license will be halted. 


If you have your DUI reduced to what is commonly referred to as Wet Reckless Driving than you may have the action against you license stopped; however, the DMV has the final word on all actions regarding your license. 

The Criminal Court will also order a suspension of your license which may run concurrent if you pay a fee to the DMV. 

This can be confusing and you should definitely retain the services of  an Attorney to walk you through what could be a very ardous process.  The DUI process includes both DMV hearings and consequences as well as criminal and court consequences, you should think of these matters seperately and immediately call an Attorney. 

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