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3 Good Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney In Fresno

Facing a felony or misdemeanor charge can be an intimidating and frightening process. Maybe it’s an innocent person who has been charged. After all, that does happen sometimes. Maybe it’s a guilty person, but we all make mistakes. Either way, the prospect of facing judges and juries, of navigating a complicated, prolonged and stressful legal process can be overwhelming.


A DUI Attorney Or A Criminal Defense Attorney In Fresno Can Help

A good criminal defense attorney can make all the difference, someone who will guide you through the process, give you sound advice and help you understand the possible outcomes. The Law Office of Gerald Schwab, Jr. serves Fresno and the surrounding area. To schedule a consultation, Call Us At 559-441-1418 Today!

3 Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

1. Protect Your Rights

When people are in trouble with the law, they don’t always know their rights or what to expect. The reality is that no matter what someone has been charged with, whether they are innocent or guilty, they have certain rights under the law.

A criminal defense attorney knows what those rights are and will notice when those rights have been violated. This can make a huge difference in securing the best possible outcome for your case.

2. Knowledge

Criminal defense attorneys know how best to represent clients in the court system. They understand the nuances of the legal process, and they bring the technical expertise that can only come from years of study, training and experience.

Although it is possible for a person to deny representation in court, it is never advised. That decision is like handing the keys to someone who has never driven before. It’s dangerous, and the outcome probably won’t be good. It is far better to let an expert handle it.

3. Best Possible Outcome

A person who has been charged with a crime might not know what to expect. How likely are they to be convicted? How can they lessen the sentence?

If someone is charged with a DUI, for example, he or she might not have any idea how to minimize the damage, how to reduce potential fines or even what will hurt or help the case.

A DUI attorney will have all of that information. The same goes for any other kind of criminal defense. Trusting an expert will help achieve the best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense or DUI Attorney

If you need a DUI attorney or a criminal defense attorney in Fresno, the Law Office of Gerald Schwab, Jr. can help. We are devoted to making sure our clients receive the best representation in Fresno.

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