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A Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects Their Client’s Rights

A criminal defense lawyer’s job is to represent an accused person in court, protect their constitutional and legal rights throughout the process, and try to get the best possible outcome for them. They bring an awareness of the complexities of federal and state law that can provide some reassurance for their client.


Drunk Driving Lawyer In Fresno

In Fresno, the Law Office of Gerald Schwab can provide the best legal counsel. If you need a drunk driving lawyer in Fresno, we know the particulars of DUI law. To set up an appointment, Call Us At 559-441-1418 Today!

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Every Step Of The Way

The purpose of a criminal defense attorney is to represent their client and protect their legal rights every step of the way. First comes the arraignment, when a formal reading of a complaint is made to inform the client of the nature of the charges. At that time, the client will make a response to these charges, which is called a plea.

The attorney provides wise counsel so that the client can make an informed decision about how best to respond to the charges. After the arraignment, the attorney can then conduct an investigation on behalf of his client, reviewing police records and examining evidence in order to prepare a defense for the trial.

The attorney provides the client with an explanation of what to expect and what is happening and gives them an understanding of what is likely to happen and what the possible outcomes are. This can help the client decide whether to accept any sort of plea bargain.

The attorney can also negotiate with the prosecutor in order to get reduced charges or a lesser punishment at sentencing, as well as suggest appropriate treatment programs. They will also gather evidence from the prosecutor, including witnesses, in order to put together a defense.

If and when the case goes to trial, the defense attorney is there to present and defend the client in front of the judge and jury. And afterward, depending on how things turn out, they can provide ongoing advice to the client.

For all of these reasons and more, it is incredibly important to have a good defense lawyer if you are facing a DUI or any other charge. State and federal laws are very complex, and the legal process can seem convoluted. It is easy to become intimidated, overwhelmed and scared.

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