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When you’ve been accused of a crime, it is critical to find the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you, because a skilled and experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. That is why it is so important to select an attorney who has the right professional qualities.


A Qualified DUI Lawyer

The Law Office of Gerald Schwab in Fresno can provide an experienced DUI lawyer or criminal defense lawyer to represent you, no matter what charges you might be facing. Even if you’re only facing minor misdemeanor charges, we can fight for the best possible outcome. Call Us Today At 559-441-1418 Today!

There are some particular traits to look for when selecting a defense attorney. This will give you greater confidence in the outcome of your case.

1) Good Communication Skills

Look for an attorney with good communication and listening skills that will ask the right questions and can then explain the potential repercussions of the case in a way that you will understand. Schedule a consultation to get a good sense of whether the attorney is a good communicator, because these skills will also directly impact their ability to question and speak to the witnesses and to talk convincingly to the jury.

2) Good Reputation

A really good attorney or law firm will have established a stellar reputation. There should be many satisfied clients if the attorney is trustworthy and competent. For example, Gerald Schwab, Jr. has 11 years of experience, and he earned a Clients’ Choice award in 2012.

3) Strong Negotiating Skills

It is important to find an attorney with really strong negotiating skills, so that the option of plea bargain will be on the table, and you can trust that better arrangements will be made. You can usually tell this by the first meeting through discussing with the attorney his or her plea bargaining philosophy and how he or she will work to get better deals for clients.

4) Experience

It is a good idea to find an attorney with experience in the specific area of criminal law that you will be dealing with, as well as local experience to understand the procedures, laws and statutes of the local court system. If you’re located in Fresno, for example, you want an attorney who knows Fresno and the local court system.

These are just a few good qualities to look for when selecting a defense lawyer. Whatever charges you are facing, it is possible to get a better outcome if you have the best legal representation. The Law Office of Gerald Schwab is dedicated to providing the best legal defense, whether you need a DUI lawyer or you’re facing some other charge.

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