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If you or a loved on has been arrested or accused of a DUI  you will need to seek legal representation as soon as possible.  As an Attorney with more than 18 years of experience and having handled hundreds of DUI cases, having both prosecuted and defended DUI casses, we can get you through this. 


Below I will be going through the new DUI court in Fresno County.  This court is for repeat DUI offenders that meet certain criteria.  And what the requirements are for this court and how it works.  If after reading this article you have any quuestions give us a call and we will help you.  559 441-1418. 



The first thing you should know is that there is a screening process for applicants to the DUI court.  Once a person has been screened and deemed eligible for DUI court the person will be referred to the DUI court.  Participants will be assigned a case manager, and a Probation Officer to ensure that they recieve supervision and support needed comply with their conditions of Probation while reciving treatment services.  A supervision and tretment plan will be developed for each participant to ensure their success with program goals.  



At a minimum the duration is 12 months and there are 4 phases to the program.  

phase 1 orientation phase 60 days. 

phase 2 90 days

phase 3 90 days 

phase 4 120 days

If you are referred to DUI court you must complete all four phases of the program in order to graduate.  


The reason for the court is to reduce recidivism for repeat DUI offenders and to ensure the safety of the community.  It is up to both the case managers and the Probation Officer to determine if you are making satisfactory progress and the court of course will have the final say in whether you are progressing through the program.  



You must attend all court appearances on time and dressed appropriately.  

comply with all orders of the court. 

enroll in drunk driving program 

attend all aa meeings and other meetings are required by the court.  

submit to hair and urine samples for drug testing.  and or submit t alcohol breath testing as ordered by the Judge Probation Officer or Treatment provider.  

there are several other requirements that are mandated once you are in the program. 



1. Must be 18 years old or older

2. Must reside in Fresno County

3. Must be assesed as High Risk

4. Offense must be for a second or third DUI


Out of county residents

If you are pending Felony Charges or violations of of Formal Supervision 

History of violence with one of the following will be a violation whithin the past 5 years 


gang history

290 registrants

protective order violations


As you can see this can be a long process and there could be a  lot of confusion regarding whether you are able to be admitted and treated whithin this program after you are arrested you will have a lot of questions.  Give us a call and we can sit down and evealuated your case to see if your case is eligible and wether you would be a good fit to go into this program and help you to not spend this time in jail possibly without the help of this program.  

If after reading this article  you still have questions give us a call at 559 441-1418 and we can help you to get through this.  As somoene that has done both the prosecution and the defense of these type of cases, we have the experience to help you to to get through this process and see if this program fits you and your neeeds. 




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