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Drug Possession

Being convicted of possession of a controlled substance can threaten your freedom by putting you behind bars and leveling heavy fines against you. When you are arrested, you should seek out a Fresno criminal defense lawyer you can trust to put together a strong and effective defense to protect your freedom. At the Law Office of Gerald Schwab, Jr. my firm can fight on your behalf to prevent a conviction and secure your freedom.

Charged with drug possession? Call my firm for trusted legal advice!

When you are arrested, you want an attorney who is not surprised by criminal charges. In my many years of practicing law, which includes experience as a former deputy district attorney and probation officer, I have handled countless criminal cases. As a result of this extensive experience and the positive results I have achieved for my clients, I have been rated Superb by Avvo and have been listed as a member of The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

What is drug possession?

Possession refers to having illicit substances under your control which does not necessarily mean on your person but could include drugs found near you or in your home or vehicle—anywhere under your “control” and readily accessible.

Controlled substances are broken down into separate classes or “schedules” based on their potential for abuse and degree of medicinal utility. Penalties for possession of such substances follows accordingly. My firm can explain in detail your charges and the penalties you face.

California drug schedules break down as follows:

  • Schedule I—opiates, marijuana
  • Schedule II—raw opium, morphine
  • Schedule III—pentobarbital, anabolic steroids
  • Schedule IV—diazepam, zolpidem
  • Schedule V—low doses of codeine

Whether your charge is considered an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony depends in large part on the circumstances specific to your case. Having previous drug convictions or if a weapon was involved can increase your penalties even if you were charged with possession of only a small amount of an illegal substance.

Get My Firm on Your Side

You need a quality Fresno drug possession attorney from my firm when you are arrested. My firm can contest your charges in court or in a negotiation with the prosecution. If you had no knowledge of the drugs’ existence or if they were not immediately accessible to you, your charges could be dismissed and your case thrown out.

In addition, if your charges cannot be dropped, I can work to have your penalties reduced by pushing to have you participate in a drug treatment program and probation rather than serve jail time. When you are facing serious drug possession charges, my firm can fight to protect your freedom and keep your criminal record clean!

Call me today and I can discuss your legal options with you during an in-person consultation.

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