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Multiple DUI

Even for a first-time DUI, the penalties can be harsh, so as to deter the offender from a repeat offense. That is why California enforces some of the most serious and life-altering penalties for second, third, or any subsequent DUI offenses.

Your first step towards protecting yourself if you been charged with a multiple DUI offense is to get in touch with me, Attorney Gerald Schwab, Jr. As a Fresno DUI lawyer, I can provide you with the incisive and relentless defense you need during this challenging time. I understand that the consequences for a subsequent DUI can be very damaging to your reputation, limiting many future opportunities. Whether you are facing your second or your fourth offense, be sure to get in touch with my firm as soon as possible!

Consequences for Multiple DUIs

DUI’s are considered “wobbler” offenses. This means that, depending on the circumstances, they can be either a misdemeanor or felony. However, if you are facing a possible third DUI charge, it will automatically be considered a felony. Once you go above three DUI offenses, you will face increasingly enhanced penalties.

You could be up against the following penalties:

  • Second offense: Between 10 days and a year in jail, up to $1,800 in fines, 2-year license suspension, and mandatory ignition interlock device.
  • Third offense: Between 120 days and a year in jail, up to $1,800 in fines, 3-year license suspension, and mandatory ignition interlock device.
  • Fourth offense: 16 months in jail, up to $18,000 in fines, 4-year license suspension, and mandatory ignition interlock device.

Keep in mind, the lookback period in California is 10 years, which means if you are charged within that time, it will count as a subsequent offense. Any charges that fall outside of that time period will not be counted against you. While jail time and fines can be frustrating, possible the most challenging penalty is having your driving privileges taken away. In order to protect yourself from such repercussions, you need fierce legal representation from a proven advocate.

Get proven defense on your case—call my firm today!

Having worked for more than a decade as a Fresno DUI lawyer, I have secured numerous case acquittals in some of the most difficult criminal cases imaginable. That is because I am a former military member, and I use that experience to fight aggressively for you. I know my way around the courtroom and can fight for you the minute your case goes to trial.

When facing multiple DUI charges, trust me, Attorney Gerald Schwab, Jr., to handle your case. Call today for your free consultation!

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