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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Fresno or anywhere in California you will have a lot of questions as to what is happenning and what penalties you will be getting.   Below I will break down at least a little the differences in the penalties for 1st 2nd and third duis.  


While each case is different if convicted of a DUI you coulb be facing the following penalties:


Up to six months in Jail

Possibility of ignition interlock device installed in your car.

Up to 10 months drivers license suspension 

Up to $2,600.00 in fines


Up to one year in jail

Instillation of an ignition intelock device in your car 

Up to 2-years drivers license suspension  

Up to $2,800.00 in fines 


Up to one year in jail 

Instillation of ignition interlock device in your vehicle 

Up to 3 years drivers suspension 

Up to 3 years drivers license suspension

These are baslines and do not include minimums in Fresno County althogh each case is different the baselines or minimums could be much less than what is put forth above.  For example the first offense for a DUI in fresno county usually means a DUI class and a 4-8 days of alternative work program instead of jial and a drivers license suspension.  

The Judge will take into account such things as BAC and other considerations.   The Judge will take into consdiration when you pled at what stage in the proceedings and other factors in determining your exact sentence.  


Decisions for life is a local class that is offered in Fresno County and may be offered in different counties whith a different name.  If you complet the class and pay for the class your fine could be reduced by up to half.  You just have to complete the class and show proof.  Usually this is a one day class and does not require a lot of money to attend. 


This is the initials for alternative work program.  Often instead of being locked up in the County Jail the Court will order you to attend alternative work program time which means that you will not be locked up in the county jail you will instead be able to pick up trash, do other things ordered by the Fresno County jail so that  you don't have to do in custody time.  AOWP is actually meant to be in custody time.  

The results of a DUI can be many and long lasting the law seems to be changin on an almost daily basis.  However, if you have questions you can give us a call as an Attorney with more than 16 years of experience that has both prosecuted and defended cases you can count on me to help you get through this. 


You can be on probatio for 2-5 years and during that time period you cannot have any measurable amount of alcohol in your blood stream while drivng any mototirized vehicle.  This includes cars, motorcycles, atv's and all other rest.  If you are caught driving with measruable amounto alcohol your probation coujld be violated and you could go to jail or have your probation start over.  

If after reading all this you have questions give us a call at 559441-1418 and we can see how we can help you get through having helped many hundreds of people before we can get you through this time in your life especially if you have not been through the system before you will need someone to help you get through this and we can help you. 

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