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If you have been arrested for domestic violence you should contact our office as soon as possible.  You need experienced counsel.  Having handled hundreds of Domestic Violence cases over more than 14 years of experience I have the knowlege to help you through this time. 

In getting to how much time you could be facing for domestic violence there are several questions. 1. Is the crime a Misdemeanor or a Felony and was there Great Bodily Injury alleged and what is your prior history.  


If you are charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charge the maximum you could recieve is 364 days in counyt jail. Also, you will be ordered to attend domestic violence 52 class and you will have a restriction to where you cannot own a firearm for a 10 year period and there could be othe consequences and fees and fines. 


A conviction for a Felony Domestic Violence is a much more serious offense. You could either revieve probation, which may include up to 364 days in the county jail plus a probation term of supervised probation for a period of 2, 3 or 5 years and fees and fines, plus a 52 week batterer treatment program in addition to fees and fines.   If you are sentenced to prison you could recieve either 2-3 or 4 years in state prison.  

If you are given probationa fail to do the 52 week batterer treatment program or do not abide by your terms and conditions of probation you could have your probaiton revoked an be sent to the state prision for the above described terms.  


If there is an allegation of greate bodily injury alleged that could add to  your term of up to three years in state prision.  In addition, great bodily injury is a strke and a violent offense, meaning your sentencing credits would be different it is also much more difficult to get a probation term if you are convicted of great bodily injury.  So you wold be subject to the underlying penalty of 2,3, or 4 years and you would be subject to another 3 years for the great bodily injury if that crime is alleged and you would have strike meaning any subsequent felony would be doubled up and all counts would run consecutive rather than concurrent (meaning at the same time) unless all the counts arise from the same course of conduct without seperate victims at seperate times.  

This means there is a wide variety of ways you could be punished for the maximum, however, these all depend on your prior record for domestic violence and other crimes the amount of damage and so forth. Sometimes the court will even look at domestic violence incidences that have not resulted in a conviction.  These could all come into play and many times the sentencing on these type of offenses become very complex.  That is why you need somoene that has been down this road before and understands the complexities of the system. As a former probation officer, deputy district attorney and having tried more than 50 cases, and handled hundreds of domestic violence cases I can help you in this time get through this. The reason I do this job is to get people through the difficult times like these when your freedom is at stake.  So give us a calll we will set up an appointment and sit down with you to get the right representation for you depending on the facts of your case and what your goals are as to the representation and what is needed to get you through this.  My phone number is 559 441 1418. 

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