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Felony Domestic Violence Fresno

If you have been arrested or charged with Felony Domestic Violence you should call our office immediately. You may have defenses to the crime and defenitely need the assistance of an experienced Attorney to help you throgh this time. 

As a Former Probation Officer, Deputy District Attorney, And Adjunct Criminology Instructor, and a Criminal Defense Attorney with more than 14 years experience I can get you through this.  I will go through some of the elements of Felony Domestic Violence below and then in some other blogs I have discussed the defense to this crime and the crime of Misdemeanor domestic violence.


1. Defendant willfully inflicted coporal injury on victim,

2. Victim was either,

Defendant’s spouse or a former spouse,

Person she was cohabitating with

fiance or someone with whom the offender has or previously had an engagement or dating relationship

the mother or father of his child

3. Corporal injury resulted in a traumatic condition.

As you can see from above this an extensive definition meant to encompass as many people as possible for all the different arrangements that people have today. These are the elements of Domestic Violence as you can tell they are extensive and can be complicated.

That is why you need to get experienced counsel as soon as possible.  After domestic violence arrest the police and prosecutors will often try everything from pretext phone calls ie phone calls meant to get you to say things that are incriminating to looking over any text messages etc. So it is imperative that you seek legal counsel and protect your rights as soon as possible.

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