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If you have been charged with what is commonly referred to as a "wobbler offense" that means an offense that can be charged either as a Felony or as a Misdameanor. 

These cases can be very complex and you need an experiecned Attorney help you.  If you call our office we can give you a case evaluation to discuss your case, and evelauate your defenses.  Many cases including domestic violence cases can be charged as a Felony or a Misdameanor.  I often see bot the District Attorney and Judges give either a Misdameanor at the outset of a case or change the charge to a Misdo at a later point.


For example we had a case where our client was charged with Felony Domestic Battery.  This offense if a "Wobbler" offense.  After reviewing his case and the client deciding he wanted to negotiate for a settlement, we offered to have our client plea to a Misdameanor with 52 weeks of anger management.  The District Attorney agreed to this deal based on proof problems with the case and the complaining witness agreed.  This meant that our client was not a convicted Felon, did not have to give up firearms for life, (there is a 10 year ban for most domestic violence offesnes)

This also meant that he did not lose his right to vote or have to disclose that he is a convicted Felon. 

This is exactly the reason you need experienced counsel for your domestic violence or other "wobbler" offenses. 

there could also be the example where you plead to a Felony and later the case is reduced to a Misdameanor after certain terms and conditions have been met. 

Sometimes you can even plead to a Felony and have the Felony reduced at the time of sentencing.

There are many different scenerior that we can go through, and we have even had prosecutors change there charges from non "wobblers to wobblers" in order to faciliated settlement on what the prosecutors consider weaker cases.

As someone that works in the courtrooms of Fresno and all over California but especially the Central Valley  I have the experience to handle these complex situations.

If you have any qeustions please call 559-441-1418.

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