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If you have been registering as a sex offender and want to stop there are several ways this could happen.   I have been helping people with these type of problems for more than 13 years.  As a former probation officer, and deputy district attorney I know the ins and outs of the system.


1. Hofshier motion.  Certain crimes used to be mandatory sex registration for life.  Now these crimes are discretionary.  You can stop your registration requirment by filing for Hofsheir relief. 


2. Seek a certificate of Rehabilitation.  After a period of successful registration usually but not automatically 10 years, you can file for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, and ask that the registration requirement be lifted.  If granted your obligation to register as a sex offender will be lifted.  And as part of the process the request will go to the governors office for request for a pardon.

3. Request for a Pardon   Seek a Pardon from the Governor.  The number of Pardons granted by a Governor of course, varies from one Governor to another.  However, Governor Brown has granted more than 450 pardons in his time in office. 


4.  Overturn the conviction    if you overturn on appeal the conviction which caused the regristration than your requirement to register will stop.  If your plea of guilty to the underlying charge ( or guilty verdict at trial) was in error you, we may be able to help you set aside the verdict and stop the 290 sex registration. 


Give me a call if you have any questions I have been helping people with these type of problems for many years and have had success in trial.  This success includes acquitalls in two different multiple count sex crime cases. 

Every case is different give me a call and we can sit down for a case evaluations to see what your options are and whether any of the above named issues will help you.




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