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An Experienced Fresno DUI Attorney Explains DUI Punishments and Penalties

As with all criminal charges, a person charged with DUI, Driving Under the Influence, is presumed innocent unless he’s proven guilty. If guilt is eventually determined, the defendant faces certain penalties, including fines and possible jail time. Here, we’ll explain some more common penalties regarding DUI convictions. While this will provide you with some basic information about what happens after a conviction, it’s best to consult with an experienced DUI attorney, as each case is different and penalties vary depending on the severity.

First-offense DUI’s are classified as a misdemeanor, and the defendant can face jail time. Jail time is increased under certain circumstances, including anyone who had a high BAC, or if there was an accident as the result of the DUI.

For a DUI that is classified as a felony – either because another was killed or that the incident is not the driver’s first DUI – several years of incarceration are not out of the realm.

Driver’s License Revocation
If you’re convicted of DUI, you stand a good chance of losing your driver’s license for a great deal of time. If the defendant refuses to submit to a urine, blood or breath test, he can find his license suspended regardless of whether he’s found guilty of DUI. Repeat offenders may eventually find it difficult to get back on the road.

If you’re been arrested for DUI, contact us. We will sit down with you to review all of the particulars surrounding your case and formulate the best defense for you.

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