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If you have a warrant out for your arrest you can give us a call right away so that we can help you out.  As a Former Probation Officer, Deputy District Attorney, and Criminal Defense Attorney for more than 13 years I have the experience to help you.

First, Even if you have  a Warrant you should call us next you should see a Bail Bondsman. 

The Bail Bondsman can look up what the Warrant is for and provide you with a bond so that you don't have to go to Jail because you have technically alread been bailed out.

As long as more charges arent added, or different more serious charges are not added you should be fine. 

You will be given a court date by the Bail Bondsman usually 10 days from the time of the bond.


Many times peopl are arrested without there being a warrant for there arrest.  If this occurs the arresting agency cannot bond you out.  Typically the arresting agency will arrest and book you and fingerprint you and attempt to interview regarding the crime.


It is always best to speak with An Attorney before making any type of statement. 

You will be then transported to the County Jail and booked and given a bail amount based upon the charges at the time of booking.

You can then call a bail bondsman and arrange bail based upon the schedule.

Now one important thing that you should know  is that the District Attorney and the District Attorney alone, makes the decision on what charges you will be charged with. So in short you can be arrested for one set of charges and at your first court appearance (arraignment) you can a bunch of different charges based upon what the prosecution feels they can prove.

This can drastically change your bail amount. Many times bail bondsman do not charge bail amount for enhancements such as Gang Enhancements that are brought by the District Attorney; therefore, you bail could go up by many hundreds of thousands of Dollars based upon the different charges.


Therefore, you should call an Attorney to help you with this process if you find you have a warrant out for your arrest.


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